Contact us

Here are a few options for you to get in touch with the developers and the user community:

  1. Join our google group to discuss about pyUSID, ask questions, get help etc. This is our preferred mode of communication. Future users who have similar questions as yourself can benefit by finding the (publicly visible) answers via a web search.

  2. If you find any bugs or if you want a feature added to pyUSID, please raise an issue. You will need a (free) Github account to do this.

    • Please submit a (simplified) script / snippet that reproduces the error(s) you are facing, the full description of the error(s), details regarding your computer, operating system, python, pyUSID and package versions etc. These details will help us solve your problem a lot faster.

  3. We also have an instant messaging group at Please send us an email if you have trouble joining. Please note that we may ask you to post some of your important questions on our google group if we feel that others would benefit by keeping certain discussion publicly visible.

  4. While not encouraged, you can get in touch with us via email as well. This mode of communication is preferred for administrative purposes.