SciFiReaders is a collection of sidpy.Reader python classes that extract data and metadata from scientific data files. The extracted information are returned as sidpy.Dataset objects which are standardized and exchangable data objects across all packages in the pycroscopy ecosystem.

  • The information obtained from a Reader can be:

  • Please the currently available list of readers. This list will be updated continually.

    • Though the majority of the Readers in SciFiReaders are for microscopes, SciFiReaders is not exclusive or limited to any scientific domain.

  • The package is organized intuitively by scientific modalities.

  • We would be happy to work with you to incorporate your contributions into SciFiReaders!

    • Please see our guide on how to write your own Reader

      • If you already have code that can extract the data and parameters from the data file, it takes only a few lines of code to convert your code to a sidpy.Reader for SciFiReaders.