Data Translators

  • Pycroscopy uses Translators to extract data and metadata from files (often measurement data stored in instrument-generated proprietary file formats) and write them into Universal Spectroscopy and Imaging Data (USID) HDF5 files.

  • You can write your own Translator easily by following this example on our sister project’s documentation.

  • Below is a list of Translators already available in pycroscopy to translate data.

  • These translators can be accessed via or pycroscopy.translators

  • We tend to add new Translators to this list frequently.

    • We understand that this list does not (yet) comprehensively cover all modalities and instrument manufacturers, but we are working towards a comprehensive set of translators.

    • We only have access to a small subset of all available instruments and data which limits our ability to add more translators.

    • Given that this is a community-driven effort, you can help by providing:

      • Example datasets (scans, force curves, spectra, force-maps, spectra acquired on grids of locations, etc.)

      • Links to existing packages that have figured out how to extract this data. (More often than not, there are researchers who have put up their code)

      • Your own code for extracting data. We invite you to come onboard and add your tools to the package.

      • Guidance in correctly extracting the metadata (parameters) and data

      • Your time. We are interested in collaborating with you to develop translators.

  • We are also interested in collaborating with instrument manufacturers to integrate pycroscopy into instrumentation or analysis software.

  • We are working on writing translators to popular open-source software / formats such as WSxM, Gwyddion, and ImageJ.

Generic File Formats

  • PNG, TIFF images - ImageTranslator

  • Movie (frames of) represented by a stack of images - MovieTranslator

  • numpy data in memory - NumpyTranslator

  • Gwyddion - GwyddionTranslator - work in progress

Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy (STEM)

  • Nion Company - NData - NDataTranslator

  • One View - OneViewTranslator

  • Digital Micrograph DM3 and DM4 files - PtychographyTranslator

  • TIFF image stack for 4D STEM - PtychographyTranslator

Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy (STM)

  • Omicron STMs - Scanning Tunnelling Spectroscopy - AscTranslator

  • Nanonis Controllers - NanonisTranslator

Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)

Common formats

  • Asylum Research - Igor IBWs for images and force curves - IgorIBWTranslator

  • Asylum Research - ARhdf5

  • Bruker / Veeco / Digital Instruments - images, force curves, force maps - BrukerAFMTranslator

  • Molecular Vista - Photoinduced Force Microscope - PiFMTranslator

  • Nanonis Controllers - NanonisTranslator

IFIM specific

  • Band Excitation (BE):

    • BE-Line and BEPS (Pre 2013) - BEodfTranslator

    • BEPS (Post 2013) - BEPSndfTranslator

    • BE Relaxation - BEodfRelaxationTranslator

    • Time Resolved Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy (trKPFM) - TRKPFMTranslator

    • Synthetic BEPS data generator - FakeBEPSGenerator

    • Post 2016 Band Excitation data patcher - LabViewH5Patcher

  • General Mode (G-mode):

    • G-Mode Line - GLineTranslator

    • G-Mode Current-Voltage (G-IV) - GIVTranslator

    • G-Mode Frequency Tune - GTuneTranslator

    • General Dynamic Mode (GDM) - GDMTranslator

    • Speedy First Order Reversal Curve (SPORC) - SporcTranslator