Utilities that assist in writing USID related data to HDF5 files

Created on Thu Sep 7 21:14:25 2017

@author: Suhas Somnath, Chris Smith


build_ind_val_matrices(unit_values[, …])

Builds indices and values matrices using given unit values for each dimension.

calc_chunks(dimensions, dtype_byte_size[, …])

Calculate the chunk size for the HDF5 dataset based on the dimensions and the maximum chunk size in memory


Replaces any unicode objects within lists with their string counterparts to ensure compatibility with python 3.


Create new Spectroscopic Indices table from the changes in the Spectroscopic Values

get_aux_dset_slicing(dim_names[, last_ind, …])

Returns a dictionary of slice objects to help in creating region references in the position or spectroscopic indices and values datasets

get_slope(values[, tol])

Attempts to get the slope of the provided values.

make_indices_matrix(num_steps[, is_position])

Makes an ancillary indices matrix given the number of steps in each dimension.


Converts a sequence of iterables to range tuples

validate_dimensions(dimensions[, dim_type])

Checks if the provided object is an iterable with pyUSID.Dimension objects.



An enumeration.

Dimension(name, units, values[, quantity, …])

Simple object that describes a dimension in a dataset by its name, units, and values