Utilities for formatting strings and other input / output methods

Created on Tue Nov 3 21:14:25 2015

@author: Suhas Somnath, Chris Smith



Checks whether or not the python kernel is running locally (False) or remotely (True)

file_dialog([file_filter, caption])

Presents a File dialog used for selecting the .mat file and returns the absolute filepath of the selecte file

format_quantity(value, unit_names, factors)

Formats the provided quantity such as time or size to appropriate strings

format_size(size_in_bytes[, decimals])

Formats the provided size in bytes to kB, MB, GB, TB etc.

format_time(time_in_seconds[, decimals])

Formats the provided time in seconds to seconds, minutes, or hours

formatted_str_to_number(str_val, …[, …])

Takes a formatted string like ‘4.32 MHz’ to 4.32 E+6


Teturns the current date and time as a string formatted as: Year_Month_Dat-Hour_Minute_Second